Build by num­bers


Pre­set blue­prints of build­ings are one of the ways in which Square Enix aims to help less cre­ative play­ers put block to ground with con­fi­dence. Once col­lected, a blueprint can be over­laid on a patch of grass (pro­vid­ing the land is clear of rocks and other de­bris). It can then ef­fec­tively be painted in by plac­ing ap­pro­pri­ate blocks on the ap­pli­ca­ble squares. Square Enix is quick to point out that th­ese are just guide­lines (al­though some quests will surely re­quire that a blueprint is fol­lowed pre­cisely) and that play­ers will be en­tirely free to build as they de­sire. Whether this bal­ance be­tween form and form­less­ness works is the ques­tion that hangs over the en­tire project.

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