Fear Me www.bit.ly/fearmegame At first glance, FearMe’s grid­ded play area and boxy vi­su­als call to mind Michael Brough’s 868-Hack. Nikola Vla­hovic’s Ludum Dare ef­fort is, in fact, a ten-level puz­zle game that casts you as a cheer­ful ghost in the busi­ness of frightening chil­dren. You scare kids sim­ply by float­ing into their vicin­ity, and you’re able to pass through solid walls of any thick­ness by hit­ting Space (though once com­mit­ted, you have to wait un­til you pop out of the other end to re­gain con­trol). It would be sim­ple were it not for the kids’ pesky habit of hit­ting the lightswitch – the mer­est whiff of pho­tons, it turns out, will bring your haunt­ing to an end.

FearMe’s clever blend of spa­tial puz­zling and twitch­based play makes for an en­joy­able ten lev­els, but we found our­selves mourn­ing a life cut short at the end.

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