Capcom loves it­self a bit of post-re­lease cos­tume DLC, and an al­ter­nate cos­tume for ev­ery char­ac­ter in the game was pre­dictably on sale soon af­ter Mar­vel’s re­lease. Not all of them sur­vived, how­ever. Mag­neto’s re­gal getup, which saw him bear a strik­ing re­sem­blance to the King of Spain, was re­moved from sale af­ter the threat of le­gal ac­tion. The monar­chy’s le­gal team took un­der­stand­able ex­cep­tion to a cos­metic com­par­i­son be­ing drawn be­tween their sov­er­eign and the mur­der­ous leader of a band of mu­tants bent on world dom­i­na­tion. A cause of blushes at the time, it’s a moot point now, since all dig­i­tal con­tent for the game was re­moved from sale when Capcom’s Mar­vel li­cence ex­pired.

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