Su­per Meat Boy PS4 We’re start­ing all over again now that Team Meat’s sadis­ti­cally dif­fi­cult plat­former has made a late-life tran­si­tion to Sony’s cur­rent hard­ware. Things are mostly fa­mil­iar, even if it takes a few runs to shake your hard-earned 360 con­troller mus­cle mem­ory, but there’s a new sound­track to en­joy (cour­tesy of the com­posers be­hind The Bind­ing of Isaac: Re­birth, Hot­line Mi­ami and Plants Vs Zom­bies) fol­low­ing a li­cens­ing snag with the orig­i­nal score.

80 Days iOS We’ve cir­cum­nav­i­gated the globe sev­eral times, but In­kle’s size­able up­date has given us cause to pack our master’s bags yet again. Thirty new ci­ties, 250,000 more lines of di­a­logue, many more routes through the Amer­i­cas and Canada, hun­dreds of new char­ac­ters and a peril-filled plot­line have fresh­ened up an al­ready packed world. We sim­ply can’t wait to visit the clock­work city of Zurich.

Bat­tle­field Hard­line PS4 The end of an all-too-brief Rain­bow Six Siege beta prompted a few rounds of Heist and Hostage Res­cue in Bat­tle­field: Hard­line. It all feels a bit slug­gish af­ter so much time spent with The Taken King, though, and we seem to be matched against un­beat­able eS­ports pros in ev­ery ses­sion. Most upset­tingly of all, there doesn’t seem to be a way to dou­ble-jump up to that sec­ond-floor win­dow.

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