Many of the strangest low ebbs in the his­tory of Star Wars games came about due to a de­sire to marry the se­ries to a cur­rent industry trend – ap­pro­pri­ate or not. This comes to a head in the Bat­tle For En­dor ex­pan­sion pack for Star Wars: The Force

Un­leashed II. In an al­ter­nate take on Re­turn Of The Jedi, you lay waste to the rebels as the ram­pag­ing Dark Lord, Starkiller. One quick­time event sees you force Han Solo to shoot Chew­bacca be­fore im­pal­ing him on your lightsaber: an ugly fu­sion of child­hood nos­tal­gia and GodOfWar- ap­ing game de­sign that no­body asked for. Later you bat­tle Leia, who has be­come a Jedi trainee in the place of her (de­ceased, in this time­line) brother – and you butcher her as well. Star Wars has al­ways been ver­sa­tile enough to sup­port ma­ture takes on the fic­tion, but a masked space-ninja slaugh­ter­ing Ewoks with Force Light­ning isn’t that.

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