EDGE - - ADVERTISING PROMOTION - Pub­lisher Nin­tendo De­vel­oper Skip Ltd For­mat 3DS Ori­gin Ja­pan Re­lease Out now (Ja­pan/ US), Nov 6 ( EU)

Skip’s at­tempts to thread the se­ries’ neat-freak ten­den­cies and oddball char­ac­ters into an ac­tion-plat­former might seem mis­guided, but this se­date side-scroller is not with­out its charms. Chibi’s globe-trot­ting jour­ney tasks him with tidy­ing up Earth one con­ti­nent at a time, us­ing his plug as a grap­ple, a wreck­ing ball, and a weapon to fend off slow-mov­ing foes. De­pend­ing on how gen­er­ous you’re feel­ing, the pres­ence of branded snacks is either a cute touch that grounds the game in the real world or a par­tic­u­larly brazen ex­am­ple of prod­uct place­ment. But who are we to stand be­tween Toby the toy plane and his Men­tos?

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