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When we weren’t do­ing every­thing else, we were think­ing about stuff like this con­tinue quit Phone bill

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The things that caught our eye dur­ing the pro­duc­tion of E286


There can’t be many bolder ways to tempt fate than to style your new con­sole on Atari’s Jaguar. The in­fa­mous flop holds a cer­tain ca­chet, amassed from a brief wave of hype that washed up a Jeff Minter clas­sic and a de­cent ver­sion of Doom, but it’s hardly a poster child for com­mer­cial suc­cess. The team be­hind

the $349 Retro VGS con­sole hasn’t been de­terred by the project’s fail­ure to raise $1.95 mil­lion on Indiegogo, how­ever, and is press­ing ahead with the cre­ation of a work­ing pro­to­type and plans for an­other round of crowd­fund­ing. If you’re in the mar­ket for an ul­tra-spe­cial­ist sys­tem, a nos­tal­gia-driven cart­based con­sole at a PS4 price seems like it was made to or­der.

Just Vir­tual$100 buys fundsyou en­try GearVRinto Sam­sung’s dream

Trico of the light The cat-bird’s TGS stand was ter­ri­fy­ing (but cute)

Don­key conga Two world records in a day as Copeland and Lake­man’s bat­tle rages

Com­puter mu­sic

Sadism, long­ing and au­to­tune – it can only be

a new GLaDOS song GearVR ob­vi­ously needs a Sam­sung phone, so we’ll hold on for Rift

Datamin­ers Stop spoil­ing sur­prises, you joy­less tinkerers

Put to sleep Krill­byte’s VR ver­sion of Among The Sleep takes a dirt nap

Talk show on mute Voice ac­tors’ guild gives strike ac­tion nod. Devs, please talk them down


Noth­ing like find­ing a bunch of quotes at­trib­uted to me with the gen­der “he” on game sites. I must be a dude if I’m a de­signer, right?

Alli Thresher @Al­liThrasher

De­signer, Rock­Band4 @BBCNews FIFA cor­rup­tion has been go­ing on for years. My brother used to un­plug my con­troller mid-game. I’m ready to tes­tify. DM me

Sean Mur­ray @NoMan­sSky Founder, Hello Games If there’s any piece of au­tho­rial in­tent you take away from my work, it’s this: “Don’t trust any­one to make de­ci­sions for you.”

Ken Levine @IGLevine

Creator, BioShock

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