Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls


Col­bert and Roberts ad­dress the space games fron­tier

“The first The Last Of Us...

Uh, did I say ‘the first The Last Of Us?’ The first The Last Of Us. The Last Of Us. The first Last Of Us. The Last Of Us was also keyframe an­i­ma­tion.”

Naughty Dog writer Josh Scherr sub­tly cov­ers his tracks in a livestream

“De­vel­op­ers shouldn’t be

mak­ing you sick. It’s no longer [VR] hard­ware’s fault. It’s de­vel­op­ers’ choices that are mak­ing you sick. Tell them you don’t want that.”

Valve’s Chet Fal­iszek wants you to call out nau­se­at­ing dev prac­tices. Like paid-for mods?

“I have to say that I’m in­cred­i­bly dis­ap­pointed in all

of this. This sort of drama is not what I, or you, signed up for with Star Cit­i­zen.”

Chris Roberts re­sponds to le­gally un­re­peat­able al­le­ga­tions about work­ing con­di­tions at Cloud Im­perium Games

“Eigh­teen quin­til­lion plan­ets? That’s a hard num­ber to wrap your head

around. Aren’t you wor­ried that the game might get bor­ing af­ter the first tril­lion?”

Stephen Col­bert puts the chal­leng­ing No Man’s Sky ques­tions to Sean Mur­ray

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