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Game Galaga As­sault Man­u­fac­turer Bandai Namco

Galaga’s swirling waves of in­sec­toid en­e­mies are preparing to make an­other run at play­ers in a new version of the 34-yearold Galax­ian se­quel. Galaga

As­sault is an­other retro-fo­cused col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween Bandai Namco and Big Buck cre­ator Raw Thrills fol­low­ing 2013’s Pac-Man

Chomp Ma­nia. Like that game, As­sault is a ticket re­demp­tion cab­i­net, hand­ing out pa­per re­wards in ex­change for points.

The gaudy green-and-pur­ple cab sticks with a clas­sic up­right de­sign and is built around a 1080p, por­trait-ori­ented 42-inch LCD screen, it­self sur­rounded by a colour­ful LED bezel. This mod­ern ex­te­rior en­cases an up­dated, short­form take on the 1981 version that splits each ses­sion into two stages. The first stage pits you against 100 en­e­mies, which you can de­stroy or avoid in stan­dard fash­ion, but sur­vive this and you’ll be warped to a moth­er­ship round to fight the boss, the de­struc­tion of which nets you the game’s jack­pot.

There are other new fea­tures, too. The cab­i­net makes use of QR scan­ning – some­thing other Raw Thrills cab­i­nets use to track high scores – and there will be the op­tion to buy more ships if your long-dor­mant pi­lot­ing skills don’t come back to you straight away. The cab­i­net can also be switched to ‘Amuse­ment Mode’, pre­sum­ably for those who have no in­ter­est in gath­er­ing up piles of tick­ets and trad­ing them in for nov­elty pen­cil erasers and chewy sweets. The game doesn’t have an of­fi­cial release date right now, but ex­pect more de­tails to emerge at IAAPA 2015.

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