The re­boot’s on­line mul­ti­player com­po­nent fails to re­turn here – pre­sum­ably be­cause few ever played it. Tak­ing its place is Ex­pe­di­tions, a score-at­tack mode that lets you speedrun story chap­ters or de­vise your own multi-ob­jec­tive chal­lenges for oth­ers. Mod­i­fiers come in the form of cards bought with a cur­rency you earn by play­ing the game – there’s no real­money op­tion, at least in our re­view build – and will ei­ther in­crease or re­duce your fi­nal score de­pend­ing on whether they’re a help or a hin­drance. It’s an OK di­ver­sion, but with­out the nar­ra­tive ur­gency of the cam­paign it’s a shade lack­ing, while com­edy mod­i­fiers (big heads, en­e­mies on fire) do lit­tle to hold the at­ten­tion. Still, it’s far prefer­able to an­other bar­ren me-too death­match mode.

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