The burly Sae­jima broke out of prison last time out, but gives him­self up early on in Yakuza 5 to clear his rap sheet – and his con­science – be­fore a planned rise up the Tojo Clan hi­er­ar­chy. He’s given rea­son to break out be­fore long, but his es­cape across the snowy Hokkaido moun­tains goes awry, and he soon finds him­self liv­ing among a vil­lage of hun­ters. Sud­denly Yakuza 5 be­comes a stealth shooter. Sae­jima stalks his prey, set­ting traps and pop­ping off head­shots, be­fore sell­ing meat and hides on his re­turn to town. The crit­i­cal path leads you else­where af­ter a few hours, but you can stay up here for weeks if you want, lev­el­ling up and learn­ing new skills. We’d ad­vise get­ting out of Hokkaido quickly, though, as Sawa­mura’s pop-star quest is right around the cor­ner.

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