Spore con­tin­ued to evolve for a while af­ter release, first get­ting a del­uge of new Rig­blocks in the

Creepy&Cute ad­don, and then ex­pand­ing its cre­ation tools with

Ga­lac­tic Ad­ven­tures. This al­lowed play­ers to ap­point Cap­tains to take on away mis­sions dur­ing the Space phase, with a sam­ple set made by Maxis de­signed to in­spire a bevy of user-gen­er­ated quests. A by-then un­wieldy Spore­pe­dia made fil­ter­ing tough, how­ever, while beef­ing up the best phase of the game felt like lit­tle more than a paid-for stick­ing plas­ter on a far deeper prob­lem. Once again,

Minecraft would do it prop­erly, though Ad­ven­ture mode was surely helped by plen­ti­ful YouTube cov­er­age that high­lighted the best and fun­ni­est player-made lev­els.

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