Google whacked


When Nier: Au­tomata was un­veiled at E3 2015, it sported the ti­tle Nier: New

Project. Not to avoid spoil­ing the game’s theme (the words ‘doll’, ‘hu­man’ and ‘ma­chine’ all ap­peared in code in the re­veal trailer), but be­cause the ac­tual ti­tle hadn’t been set­tled on. “Be­cause it’s a story about an­droids, I wanted to call it Nier: An­droid," re­veals di­rec­tor Yoko Taro. “Ob­vi­ously Google’s got the trade­mark [on An­droid] and we were wor­ried about it. There was no ti­tle fixed by the time E3 came, so we had to do the pre­sen­ta­tion with­out.” As for the re­place­ment name? “Au­tomata’s a very good ti­tle – it’s rep­re­sen­ta­tive be­cause it cov­ers all kinds of mean­ings.”

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