Fields of Dreams


The foun­da­tion for Dreams’ sculpt­ing tech­nol­ogy was laid four years ago, when pro­gram­mer An­ton Kir­czenow be­gan ex­per­i­ment­ing with Move con­trollers and dis­tance fields in DirectX11. Me­dia Mol­e­cule cre­ated a small list of con­structs such as cuboids, cylin­ders, pyra­mids, el­lip­soids, dough­nuts and more, and then sup­ported ad­di­tion, sub­trac­tion, colour­ing and soft blend­ing oper­a­tions. The team was able to be­gin build­ing, its ob­jects de­fined not by poly­gon lim­its but by the ed­its re­quired. The method favoured im­pro­vi­sa­tion over plan­ning, and artists be­gan adding and sub­tract­ing prim­i­tives on the fly, lead­ing to the cre­ation of ob­jects with char­ac­ter­is­tic “crinkly” sur­faces.

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