As you level up, you’ll un­lock powerups to use while you play. The buffs re­place Hero Power (and are ac­ti­vated with ei­ther a tilt or reach­ing around to the but­ton that spans the bridge just be­hind the strum bar) and have been de­signed to ease your path to Ex­pert dif­fi­culty – a jour­ney most play­ers gave up on pre­vi­ously. The first of th­ese is a bomb that clears all the notes on­screen for a short time, but it’s soon joined by pow­ers that tem­po­rar­ily raise or lower the dif­fi­culty of a song, give you a 2x mul­ti­plier or of­fer a safety net that pre­serves your mul­ti­plier if you stum­ble. In ad­di­tion to th­ese tem­po­rary mod­i­fiers, you can up­grade your gui­tar, which per­ma­nently in­creases the value of ev­ery note, your max­i­mum mul­ti­plier, and how many powerups you can amass at once.

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