Money match


Cap­com ex­cit­edly points out that this will be the only version of SFV you’ll ever have to buy – an odd claim on the face of it, but then this se­ries has been sub­ject to ag­gres­sive it­er­a­tion. Six ex­tra char­ac­ters will be added to the game in its first year, bought with Fight Money, an in-game cur­rency ac­crued via daily chal­lenges (throw a cer­tain num­ber of Hadoukens, say) and lev­el­ling char­ac­ters by play­ing as them on­line (though this makes them no more pow­er­ful). It’s a smart struc­ture, the daily hook fos­ter­ing en­gage­ment, while pro­gres­sively higher lev­el­ling re­quire­ments should en­cour­age char­ac­ter va­ri­ety. The al­ter­na­tive is to pay with Zenny – here a pre­mium cur­rency – a Cap­com call­ing card, first used in 1987’s Black Tiger and since seen in the likes of Breath Of Fire.

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