The staff at Bossa are still get­ting to grips with what it means for ev­ery ob­ject to be phys­i­cally present in the world. Al­though an en­tity’s prop­er­ties are hard coded, its in­ter­ac­tions with other ob­jects based on those prop­er­ties are just con­jec­ture un­til you test them – it turns out the grap­ple is good for more than heavy lifting. “What we dis­cov­ered was that I can catch can­non­balls!” Wil­liams tells us. “They’re go­ing to drag me with them, [but then] I’ve es­sen­tially cre­ated a way of launch­ing play­ers at enemy ships.” The par­tic­u­larly skilful can snatch cross­bow bolts from the air and swing their prize like a makeshift flail. If it im­pacts a player with suf­fi­cient force, they’ll take dam­age.

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