Your ships are never safe from the enemy. Be­ing phys­i­cal ob­jects, any ran­dom Joe can swing aboard and fly off with it if you’re not on guard, the sky pi­rate equiv­a­lent of leav­ing your car un­locked in a city cen­tre. Com­bined with the grap­ple and hang glider, this presents new strate­gies for beat­ing over­whelm­ing odds. “There was a bat­tle the other day where we had this mas­sive mul­tideck ship,” Oli­fiers says, “and [se­nior artist Jack Good] was in a small ship that we took out – it just dropped from the sky. We kept on fly­ing and all of a sud­den the ship started to han­dle dif­fer­ently. I said, ‘What the hell is hap­pen­ing? Is this a bug?’ Jack was a stow­away. He was de­stroy­ing ev­ery­thing from within.”

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