Avalanche worked closely with Nvidia to build Just­Cause

3’ s rolling wave physics, and the game also cal­cu­lates re­al­is­tic buoy­ancy for all of its ve­hi­cles (which en­sures that while cars slowly fill and sink re­al­is­ti­cally, APCs can hap­pily stay afloat and move around in the wa­ter). But the oceans are also tied to Medici’s geography and day-night cy­cle; the wa­ter is calmer close to the land, but gets chop­pier far­ther out. And this is ex­ac­er­bated at nighttime, when the wind whips up much big­ger waves. “I’m a huge fan of WaveRace,” Lester­lin says. “One thing that I really loved was that a wave will al­ways show up in the same place ev­ery time. Ob­vi­ously we don’t cap­ture that in quite the same way, but if you get really good at boat races, you might start think­ing to your­self, ‘I need to do this boat race first thing in the morn­ing so that I can get slightly calmer wa­ter to use my ni­trous at turn four’. And that kind of depth is in there for the 200-hour player.”

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