Ubisoft said last year that An­cel’s cre­at­ing “an ex­tremely am­bi­tious new ti­tle that is very close to his and the team’s heart”. It’s un­likely to be a Rayman se­quel, since that quote was is­sued soon af­ter Leg­ends’ release, and a fol­low-up to Peter Jackson’s King Kong is even less prob­a­ble, so that can only mean one game: Be­yond Good & Evil 2. An­cel clar­i­fies dur­ing his talk: “It’s very sim­ple – I’m work­ing half and half. I’m still work­ing at Ubisoft. I’m here be­cause Wild Sheep is my stu­dio; Wild is a very spe­cial game and I’m try­ing to do very crazy things on this game. But it’s two dif­fer­ent things.” But while we know how his time is shared, he won’t con­firm the other project. “Who said I was work­ing on Be­yond Good & Evil 2?” he asks. “I can’t talk too much be­cause this is not Ubisoft.”

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