Nu­clear Throne is a twin-stick shooter that un­doubt­edly plays best with key­board and mouse. If you have a PC, that’s the version to get. The chunky pix­els of Paul Veer’s lively art look rather messy on the big screen, and there are no­tice­able bouts of slug­gish­ness on both con­sole ver­sions. Mean­while, a quirk of the con­trol setup sees your crosshairs re­tract slowly to­wards you as you release the right ana­logue; it’s dif­fi­cult to see what the ben­e­fit of this might be, though it cer­tainly seems bet­ter cal­i­brated for Vita’s smaller sticks. In­deed, de­spite the odd hit in per­for­mance and the bor­dered pre­sen­ta­tion, it’s a fine fit for Sony’s por­ta­ble, with its daily and weekly chal­lenges ideally suited to break-time play ses­sions.

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