Vir­tual un­re­al­ity


A man whose back cat­a­logue in­cludes a game about a news an­chor fight­ing aliens with dance moves was never go­ing to have too much of an in­ter­est in real life when con­tem­plat­ing his first VR game. “If we only pursue real­ism in VR, we’re go­ing to hit a wall,” Mizuguchi says. “Let’s say in five years we move onto 8K, and you try to do some­thing re­al­is­tic in VR… I don’t know how much fur­ther we’re go­ing to be able to go.” As we leave our demo and head back into Sony’s PSX me­dia room, we can see his point. Over in a cor­ner, you can play Job Sim­u­la­tor.

Rez In­fi­nite is the prize ticket of the whole show, while an ironic take on day-to-day drudgery hasn’t drawn much of a crowd.

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