With its twin cur­ren­cies and steady flow of post-launch con­tent, SFV is be­ing built as a ser­vice as much as a game, but Cap­com isn’t chang­ing its ap­proach to bal­ance up­dates. Ono has spo­ken in the past about his be­lief that bal­ance changes shouldn’t be rushed – that com­mu­ni­ties should be given time to learn how to over­come things they con­sider to be over­pow­ered – and that will con­tinue when SFV launches.

“If some­thing glitchy comes out on the first day and we need to hot­fix it then, yes, we’ll act im­me­di­ately,” says as­so­ciate pro­ducer and bat­tle sys­tem de­signer Peter Rosas. “But it’s very im­por­tant for the com­mu­nity to be given time – if you’re just con­stantly chang­ing things, the com­mu­nity can’t keep up. You’re chang­ing how the char­ac­ters play, match-ups, ev­ery­thing. When SFIV came out, ev­ery­one said Zang­ief was the best in the game. Over time they were like, ‘No… it’s Sa­gat.’ We don’t an­tic­i­pate making changes more than yearly, [af­ter] ev­ery Cap­com Cup. We want it to be like a sea­son; un­less some­thing is bla­tantly bro­ken or glitchy, we’re just go­ing to watch and see what hap­pens.”

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