Star Wars Bat­tle­front PS4

The Bat­tle Of Jakku DLC adds two new maps and a fresh mode, Turn­ing Point, in which Rebels must take one of three avail­able points to push the Em­pire back to the next set, be­fore even­tu­ally go­ing all in on a fi­nal area. Al­though it’s only a mi­nor twist on Walker As­sault, the op­tion to split up or consolidate your ef­forts makes for a fraught and ur­gent-feel­ing en­counter – and

adds wel­come va­ri­ety to map ro­ta­tion.

Des­tiny PS4

It may not have been the chunky con­tent drop we really wanted for Christ­mas, but Bungie’s Spar­row Rac­ing League makes for a pleas­ant change of pace, and pro­vides an­other path to endgame gear. In reg­u­lar Cru­cible, a bal­ance up­date has shifted the meta, though not as sub­stan­tially as first

thought – Bungie’s loose com­mand of dec­i­mal places meant a 0.7 per cent nerf was in­stead com­mu­ni­cated as 7 per cent.

Gui­tar Hero Live PS4

While the mul­ti­player seg­ment of Gui­tar

Hero Live re­mains un­der­nour­ished, FreeStyle Games has taken a step to­wards rec­ti­fy­ing that with Ri­val Chal­lenges. Part

of Gui­tar Hero TV, the chal­lenges pit play­ers who have reached at least level ten against each other for the op­por­tu­nity to win an ex­tra 100 XP (and brag­ging rights). The en­coun­ters oc­cur twice dur­ing

ev­ery half-hour slot on the stream­ing ser­vice, and go a long way to making those leader­boards feel less de­tached.

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