Per­haps the big­gest change in Cap­com’s ap­proach with Street Fighter

V is the fact that the game that launches in Fe­bru­ary will be the only one you’ll ever need to buy; there will be no Su­per or Ul­tra-style re­vi­sions. Post-release char­ac­ters and cos­met­ics can be bought us­ing one of two ways: Fight Money, named in ref­er­ence to an an­guished Bal­rog cry when he loses in

SFIV, is earned through play, while Zenny, a cur­rency name Cap­com has been us­ing since the 1980s, is the real-money al­ter­na­tive. Cap­com in­sists that ev­ery­thing will be­come avail­able by sim­ply play­ing the game.

“We want a sys­tem that helps cre­ate player en­gage­ment,” says se­nior prod­uct man­ager Matt Dahlgren. “Be­fore, we would drop all the con­tent at once, and there was noth­ing there to keep you go­ing un­less you were a hard­core, com­pet­i­tive player.” Daily chal­lenges – per­form a cer­tain num­ber of Hado­kens, for in­stance – will award a chunk of Fight Money. So will lev­el­ling up char­ac­ters – a move de­signed to en­cour­age play­ers to move around the cast and which should help to avoid a re­peat of the early days of what was briefly known as Ken Fighter

IV. “It’s a learn­ing process for us,” Dahlgren says. “We’re still re­fin­ing our sys­tems. But it’s go­ing to be more player-friendly. They’ll learn more char­ac­ters, which is just more fun.”

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