Size of a cell


Per­haps the most fun­da­men­tal change in how you’ll play

Mankind Di­vided comes from one of its small­est tweaks.

Hu­man Revo­lu­tion’s en­ergy bar, which gov­erned uses of Jensen’s aug­men­ta­tions, was a pain to man­age. The new ap­proach in­tro­duces a bar made up of in­cre­men­tal chunks of en­ergy, which even­tu­ally recharge if not de­pleted. The up­shot is that weaker pow­ers – such as switch­ing on foot­step-damp­en­ing pads – can be used fre­quently, while heavy-hit­ters re­quire more tac­ti­cal think­ing – not least be­cause there’s now only one means of fill­ing the bar again, the Bio­cell item, which is rel­a­tively rare. That cer­tain items in the world re­quire Bio­cells to switch on adds a strik­ing el­e­ment of risk-re­ward to how you travel around.

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