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Fash­ion­ing ammo pouches from an­i­mal guts sat un­easily in the mod­ern games, ren­der­ing the de­tailed ecosys­tem re­dun­dant once you’d ticked off your gristly shop­ping list. Pri­mal of­fers more con­sis­tent craft­ing, re­quir­ing Takkar to har­vest meats for heal­ing and an­i­mal bait­ing, find ma­te­ri­als to craft new weapons and medic­i­nal herbs to keep your army of an­i­mal helpers on throat-munch­ing form. While it feeds nicely into the new sur­vival­ist an­gle, the game seems torn over how ag­gres­sively it should en­force it – many of the skill trees are built around negat­ing re­source costs or pow­er­ing up your con­coc­tions, which could see you in­oc­u­late your­self against the harsher cli­mate with reg­u­lar XP in­jec­tions. Ad­mit­tedly, we tri­alled the game with a rel­a­tively kit­ted-out Takkar, but the sur­vival sting is nowhere to be found.

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