Troll gate


You can shoot other play­ers on sight in the Dark Zone, form­ing un­easy al­liances with fel­low agents un­til they’ve out­lived their use­ful­ness. The po­ten­tial for grief­ing is tremen­dous, though cre­ative di­rec­tor Mag­nus Jansen in­sists that the Xbox One al­pha yielded broadly pos­i­tive re­sults: “There’s a good spread of nice and not-nice peo­ple, and they do bal­ance out.” Go rogue by killing other play­ers and you’ll have a bounty put on your head. “Ini­tially we thought about hav­ing an AI bot to go around as po­lice, but it’s bet­ter to let the play­ers run the Dark Zone. There are some sys­tems in place to bal­ance it out, but not ev­ery­one’s an A-hole.” We tell him we ad­mire his faith in hu­man­ity, but ap­pre­ci­ate the con­tin­gency plan. “Well, you know. If you want peace, pre­pare for war.”

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