Snoop Dogg and Palmer Luckey throw shade at con­sole mak­ers


“We call him R2 Square, be­cause those are the but­tons you press on the PlayS­ta­tion to get his curl­ing shot. He al­ways scores like that.”

Paul Pogba pours praise on Ju­ven­tus team­mate Paulo Dy­bala “Y’all fuck­ing server is fuck­ing wack, man. It’s that dif­fi­cult to play some­body on­line? What the fuck is you do­ing, Bill Gates? Fix yo’ shit, man!”

Snoop Dogg keeps his cool when a server out­age scup­pers his Des­tiny plans

“No head track­ing, low field of view, es­sen­tially a mono­chrome 3DTV… The as­so­ci­a­tion of the Vir­tual Boy with VR

hurt the in­dus­try

in the long run.”

Fair enough, Ocu­lus founder Palmer Luckey, but where’s Rift’s Teler­oboxer, hmm?

“One of the things that con­cerns me is as we get big­ger as a stu­dio, it’s not as loud as it used to be. There’s not as much noise.”

You can come and en­joy the honk­ing din of Edge’s of­fices any time, At­sushi In­aba

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