The only way is up


Com­pared to a pro­ject like Cr­y­sis, The Climb is a re­fresh­ingly mod­est propo­si­tion, but one that Cry­tek feels equally as con­fi­dent with. “I think that when you come up with an idea that works, its com­plex­ity isn’t gen­er­ally rel­e­vant,” Free­man says. “It might be com­plex, it might not, but once you have some­thing that works, if it’s sim­plis­tic it’s all the bet­ter. And even though The Climb’s con­cept is sim­plis­tic, we were able to em­bel­lish on all the things that made it fan­tas­tic. Like the en­vi­ron­ment, all the nu­ances, the sense of in­ter­act­ing with phys­i­cal items on a cliff face. The idea of play­ing with ver­tigo. All of th­ese things com­bine to make some­thing that’s re­ally fun to play.”

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