Run of the milliner


A game of this type is al­ways go­ing to be of in­ter­est to speedrun­ners, and Gears For Break­fast clearly knows it: fid­dle around in the menus and you’ll find the op­tion to show a timer in the cor­ner of the screen, or dis­able au­tosav­ing. Yet we won­der how the stu­dio would’ve felt as the A Hat In Time speedrun beamed to the world from Awe­some Games Done Quick last month. A string of geo­met­ric and physics glitches, in­clud­ing an in­fi­nite hover move that saw the player skip through huge chunks of lev­els at a stroke, didn’t ex­actly cast the game in the finest light. Any­thing found in the beta will, the stu­dio says, be fixed for re­lease – but any­thing dis­cov­ered af­ter launch will be left un­touched.

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