Bloody Baron-ef­fect: a sharp pac­ing drop af­ter dense con­tent with strong po­ten­tial to dis­en­gage play­ers. Now you coin a term.

Rami Is­mail @tha_rami Co-founder, Vlam­beer @tha_rami ‘Spork in the Road’ When a branch­ing story re­ally doesn’t change that much with choices.

Tim @in­eed­fo­cus De­vel­oper @tha_rami The Point of Press Re­turn: the mo­ment a game pauses it­self to warn you that the end­ing is com­ing, usu­ally via flow-break­ing UI.

Ryan Jones @Sal­ty_Ryan

De­vel­oper @tha_rami Abili-tease: when you start a game with all ur skills, then loose them only so you can re­gain them over the course of the game.

Nathaniel Mo­rasse @L33pfr0g 3D artist and for­mer Unity de­vel­oper

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