You start most en­coun­ters incog­nito. Your sol­diers can only be de­tected if you move them into clearly de­mar­cated zones of en­emy in­flu­ence, fire a shot, or kick a door down loudly when mov­ing through a build­ing. Th­ese pe­ri­ods of stealth ac­tion let you set up cathar­tic am­bushes. A sol­dier in over­watch takes re­ac­tion shots on the en­emy turn, should an en­emy move through their field of view. When in stealth, you can place all but one sol­dier on over­watch within range of the en­emy. When you or­der the re­main­ing sol­dier to fire at the en­emy, they scat­ter. The mo­tion sets off a chain of re­ac­tion shots. The cam­era whirls be­tween your sol­diers as they open fire one by one in an im­mensely sat­is­fy­ing show of killing power.

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