A fire­watch­man’s look­out tower has all he could ever need – un­less he needs the bath­room, in which case he’s two flights of stairs and a sprightly walk away from the out­house. Henry should, by rights, be spend­ing the ma­jor­ity of his time up here, check­ing for signs of fire. Af­ter the first night’s break-in, how­ever, he seems to want to get out of there as of­ten as pos­si­ble. By the game’s end it’s used to sig­nify his in­creas­ing ag­i­ta­tion, the type­writer he brought to write thought­ful jour­nal en­tries now be­ing used for half-para­noid guesses at what might be go­ing on out­side, pinned up on the walls and win­dows. It’s a bit of a mess by the end, too. Come on, old chap, we know no one’s around, but where’s your pride?

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