The other He­roes Re­born tie-in game, Enigma, on tablet and smart­phone, shares a fair amount with Gemini, but even more with Por­tal. You’re an­other teenage girl called Dahlia, us­ing skills such as timeshift­ing and telekine­sis to try to es­cape a sadis­tic test­ing course. Gemini’s ap­proach feels fresher, largely due to feel­ing like an ad­ven­ture rather than a se­ries of cap­i­tal-P Puz­zles. None of the char­ac­ters are part of He­roes proper, though, nor is any­thing that hap­pens there im­por­tant for fol­low­ing the story in the games. But both games are end­lessly bet­ter and more re­spectable than Ever­now, the show’s hi­lar­i­ously fake RPG star­ring Katana Girl, which begged the ques­tion of whether any­one in­volved had ever even seen a real game in ac­tion.

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