If a se­quel wasn’t ex­actly in­evitable when Schafer wrote Psy­cho­nauts (along­side Valve writer Erik Wol­paw, then of satir­i­cal game site Old Man Mur­ray), he al­ready had plans to de­velop its nar­ra­tive across mul­ti­ple games. This is, per­haps, a clue as to what we can ex­pect from a fol­low-up. “There was a back­story that in­volves a curse put on Raz that we hint at a lit­tle bit in the game,” he ex­plains. “He tosses off a line about his whole fam­ily be­ing cursed to die in wa­ter and stuff like that, and there are some posters in the Meat Cir­cus [stage] that al­lude to the other fam­ily in the cir­cus that had a feud with your fam­ily, the Aquatos.” It’s such a sub­tle ref­er­ence that Schafer was con­fi­dent no one would no­tice, but he didn’t reckon on the in­ves­tiga­tive pow­ers of an ob­ses­sive fan­base. “It’s funny,” he adds, “that tex­ture is re­ally hard to see, but peo­ple have dis­as­sem­bled that game so much they found ev­ery sin­gle tex­ture.”

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