Awak­en­ing fea­tures 49 core char­ac­ters, far more than most play­ers will ever be able to get to prop­erly know, much less level up. Aside from those met dur­ing the story and their chil­dren, there are a num­ber re­cruitable from spe­cial ‘par­alogue’ lev­els that ap­pear dur­ing the game; some are even bosses. With th­ese you get to see what hap­pened af­ter you de­feated them. Wal­hart, for in­stance, has raised an un­dead army but re­veals he was us­ing his brute power to de­feat the same evil you were, and Gan­grel begs Chrom to fin­ish his mis­ery, the chal­lenge be­ing to hit him three times with­out fin­ish­ing him off, so Chrom can talk him into join­ing the Shep­herds.

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