Light at­tacks were a defin­ing el­e­ment in Street Fighter IV’s bat­tle sys­tem. They were the per­fect combo starters, with play­ers able to tap out a few safe at­tacks and see if they con­nected be­fore pro­ceed­ing with the un­safe, but more dam­ag­ing, parts of a combo. The bal­ance of risk and re­ward was off, then, and Cap­com has smartly ad­dressed this in SFV. While a hand­ful of char­ac­ters can still combo from lights into medi­ums, push­back has been in­creased so you can’t use them for lazy hit con­firms. Can­cel prop­er­ties have been changed too, so light at­tacks can only be can­celled into the light ver­sions of spe­cial moves. They’re still low risk, then, but are now low re­ward too – just as it should be. If only Cap­com had put as much thought into the game’s con­tent and struc­ture.

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