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Now that we’ve bested all but a hand­ful of TheWit­ness’s most in­scrutable puz­zles, a quick pal­ette cleanser is in or­der be­fore we pol­ish off the rest. Stream­line feels like a friend­lier, slighter cousin to Jonathan Blow’s puz­zle epic. Here, you also have to draw a line and reach the exit, but rather than nav­i­gate through mazes, you have to find a way to use the spo­radic fur­ni­ture in a sparse grid to reach your goal. Hit a di­rec­tion key and your line will ex­tend un­til it hits some­thing, whether that’s a solid block, the edge of the play field or your own tail. A se­ries of spe­cial squares both help and hin­der, some stop­ping your line from leav­ing while oth­ers ar­rest you mid-dash to al­low a change of di­rec­tion or can­cel ev­ery­thing you’ve done. It’s smart stuff, of which Blow would no doubt ap­prove.

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