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Two years of daily lo­gins later and we’re fi­nally ap­proach­ing P&D’s endgame, but what is it, ex­actly? Such is the pace of change in P&D’s na­tive Ja­pan, where a host of com­peti­tors have left de­vel­op­ment stu­dio GungHo strug­gling to keep on top, that the meta is con­stantly shift­ing. Build­ing an endgame team will take us months – by which point it may well be out­dated. But of course we’ll do it any­way.

Des­tiny PS4

Were we too ef­fu­sive in our praise for The Taken King? Be­cause it’s been down­hill ever since. The new nadir is Crim­son Dou­bles, a week-long 2v2 ga­me­type that’s so unin­spired, and its drop rate so stingy, that teams are throw­ing them­selves off the near­est ledge to hurry things along to the next dice roll. Bungie pres­i­dent Harold Ryan has quit, Des­tiny 2’ s ap­par­ently been put back, and, fi­nally, af­ter an ex­cep­tional 18 months, the spell has been bro­ken.

Rain­bow 6 Siege PS4

Even Siege’s tense, slow-mov­ing sweeps and con­trolled bursts of fire feel like a wave of cathar­sis in be­tween pro­longed The Wit­ness endgame ses­sions. A new map set on a frozen yacht, along with a cou­ple of new oper­a­tors, has fresh­ened up the playlist, while a ridicu­lous bug that saw char­ac­ter mod­els slide around the map in a tex­ture­less T-pose – mak­ing en­emy move­ments in­scrutable – has been patched.

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