Hit­man PC, PS4, Xbox One The shift to episodic re­leases makes sense for Squenix post- Life Is Strange, but will also mean Io can change things around based on player feed­back. Af­ter

Ab­so­lu­tion, that’s no bad thing, though if the Fe­bru­ary beta’s any in­di­ca­tion, the stu­dio’s off to a solid start.

Un­ti­tled Her Story suc­ces­sor TBA Sam Bar­low has teased a pix­e­lated synop­sis for a spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor to the Edge- Award-win­ning Her Story. Bar­low stresses that there’s no story con­nec­tion, but that it will be built around FMV and “more of what peo­ple liked about the first one.” Sounds just fine to us.

Watch Dogs 2 TBA With noth­ing known be­yond con­fir­ma­tion of its ex­is­tence and planned re­lease by March 2017, we’re safe in our op­ti­mism that this will more closely de­liver on the prom­ise of its pre­de­ces­sor. While we’re look­ing on the pos­i­tive side, we’ll take less of the usual map clut­ter, please.

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