Di­ver­gence point


Junc­tion se­quences are the game’s most un­usual game­play mo­ments, a nec­es­sary bridge be­tween the core game and its four live-ac­tion in­ter­ludes, as well as your only real mo­ments of con­trol over the sto­ry­line. Tak­ing con­trol of an­tag­o­nist Paul Serene, you’re given a small area to ex­plore and en­cour­aged to in­ter­act with as much of the en­vi­ron­ment as pos­si­ble. Once you’re ready to move on, you’re asked to make a de­ci­sion – in the case of Act One, it’s how bru­tally or de­vi­ously Serene’s Monarch cor­po­ra­tion will re­act to Jack Joyce’s in­ter­fer­ence. In an un­ex­pected par­al­lel to Dontnod’s

Life Is Strange, each pos­si­ble de­ci­sion is pre­ceded by a ‘Glimpse’, a stream of clips de­signed to show you a snap­shot of what ef­fect your ac­tion will have on the con­tin­u­ing story.

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