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Hid­den Folks of­fers a new twist on the Where’s Wally? for­mula


An ex­per­i­men­tal de­signer and an il­lus­tra­tor seek out a new twist on Where’s Wally?

Hid­den Folks is the younger, cooler sib­ling of Where’s Wally? (or, as it’s also known, Where’s Waldo?). But while the lat­est pro­ject from Bounden and Fin­gle cre­ator

is about look­ing for in­di­vid­u­als, his col­lab­o­ra­tion with il­lus­tra­tor

is any­thing but the re­sult of a con­certed search.

“I ac­ci­den­tally stum­bled upon Syl­vain’s minia­ture il­lus­tra­tions at his grad­u­a­tion expo,” de Jongh re­calls. “I was im­me­di­ately drawn to it: tak­ing a close look, dis­cov­er­ing all those lit­tle sce­nar­ios and tiny sto­ries un­fold­ing. That feel­ing of ‘Wow, what’s hap­pen­ing here?’ was very

Adriaan de Jongh

Syl­vain Te­groeg

in­spir­ing, and I jok­ingly told Syl­vain we should make a game to­gether.”

He might’ve pro­posed the idea flip­pantly, but it took hold. The re­sult is a se­ries of an­i­mated, sprawl­ing and minutely de­tailed scenes that re­spond to the prob­ing clicks of play­ers. Your quarry isn’t nec­es­sar­ily hid­ing in plain sight, but might be con­cealed within a garage, or be­hind a trailer stacked high with crates. This in­ter­ac­tive el­e­ment, com­bined with Te­groeg’s black-and-white line il­lus­tra­tions, re­sults in a fresh-feel­ing twist on the ob­jectfind­ing genre. The de­sign has also forced Te­groeg to ap­proach his work dif­fer­ently.

“I’ve never made a game be­fore,” he says, “so it took a while to fig­ure out how to get my draw­ings from pa­per into the game with­out los­ing their charm or den­sity. I had to buy a scan­ner and learn how to make sprite sheets, but now we know ex­actly how the process goes. And be­ing able to quickly trans­late our ideas from pa­per to in­ter­ac­tive or an­i­mated sce­nar­ios al­lows us to fo­cus on stuff like the game’s struc­ture and in­ter­face, which have proved more dif­fi­cult to get right.”

There’s still work to do, then, but the pair aim to re­lease the game on Steam and iOS in late 2016.

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