Op­tional ob­jec­tives in­vite you to spend longer at each plan­e­tary stop, from earn­ing ad­di­tional tro­phies in hover­board races to col­lect­ing more Telepatho­pus brains in re­turn for bonus kit. But by far the most per­sua­sive rea­son to ex­plore ev­ery nook of th­ese lov­ingly re­designed worlds is the ad­di­tion of col­lectible trad­ing cards. Th­ese aren’t merely tucked away at the end of branches from the cru­cial path, but are coughed up by de­feated foes; in­deed, many weapon up­grades in­crease your chance of cards drop­ping. They come in themed sets of three, the com­ple­tion of which gives you fur­ther buffs; to fill in the gaps in your col­lec­tion, you can swap five du­pli­cates for any card. An ad­di­tional set of hardto-find vari­ants un­locks the fi­nal gun, the pow­er­ful RYNO.

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