Let It Die PS4 Suda, you’ve been gone too long. In­trigued as we are by the premise – an asyn­chro­nous mul­ti­player brawler with CPU ag­gres­sors sport­ing AI based on real player data – it’s the prospect of su­plex­ing a bad­die into a shower of gore while wear­ing only Speedos that re­ally has us pay­ing at­ten­tion.

Over­watch PC, PS4, Xbox One Af­ter Paragon and its ilk have made an un­con­vinc­ing case for the straight-up MOBA on con­sole, all eyes are on Bliz­zard’s re­work­ing of a care­ful se­lec­tion of the genre’s sys­tems. Fast-paced and silky smooth, it’s a fine fit for con­soles.

Doom PC, PS4, Xbox One The re­cent mul­ti­player beta proved one thing loud and clear: one-hit shot­gun kills are never go­ing to get old. Id’s got the feel of the thing just right, and it’s just as well, since its at­ten­tion is needed else­where: the beta had so much screen tear­ing it was like play­ing a shonky VHS.

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