A ran­dom fix


One un­likely is­sue that Pope has en­coun­tered while at­tempt to mimic vin­tage Mac ti­tles with Re­turn Of The Obra Dinn re­lates to the way in which in­die games travel in 2016. On Twitch and YouTube, those cru­cial chan­nels for car­ry­ing a game be­yond the realm of the cognoscenti, video is com­pressed. This tech­nique blurs the lines of the pre­cise dither art style, and can make images il­leg­i­ble. To lessen the im­pact of the prob­lem, Pope has in­tro­duced a ran­dom el­e­ment to en­vi­ron­men­tal dither­ing pat­terns. Com­pres­sion, ac­cord­ing to the author, has the most dev­as­tat­ing ef­fect when dither­ing uses a reg­u­lar pat­tern to cre­ate shades and tex­tures. Ran­dom­ness doesn’t fix the is­sue, but it does im­prove the sit­u­a­tion, en­sur­ing the game holds up much bet­ter in video form.

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