Fable II’s end­ing is as brave as it is un­for­get­table. Af­ter a build-up be­fit­ting a truly cli­mac­tic show­down, with wave upon wave of foes lying slain, you fi­nally reach the an­tag­o­nist and he’s killed by a sin­gle bul­let. Even bet­ter, if you let him con­tinue his por­ten­tous mono­logue with­out in­ter­rup­tion, Stephen Fry’s rak­ish Reaver will do the job on your be­half, a de­light­ful shock in keep­ing with the game’s will­ing­ness to slyly sub­vert es­tab­lished fan­tasy tropes. It’s a pity, though, that Lion­head un­der­cut it­self in the See The Fu­ture DLC: those who opted to sac­ri­fice their fam­ily to save all the Spire’s vic­tims dur­ing the fate­ful fi­nal de­ci­sion are given the op­tion to re­unite with their dog, re­duc­ing the emo­tional weight of the orig­i­nal choice.

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