In an in­dus­try that, even to­day, reg­u­larly strug­gles with its de­pic­tion of women, Faith stands out as one of gam­ing’s bet­ter fe­male role mod­els. “She was such a strong char­ac­ter in the first one, but I hope peo­ple see her as a role model for ev­ery­one,” Mostofi says. “Yes, she hap­pens to be fe­male, but we’ve al­ways just treated her as a hu­man be­ing – we’re just writ­ing a per­son. I think that shone through in the first game, and I think it shines through in this game. Chris [Em­gard] and his team have done a tremen­dous job of writ­ing an in­di­vid­ual, a per­son. I re­ally hope that ev­ery­one can look at her and go, ‘She’s kick-ass and I would quite like to be like Faith’. I would def­i­nitely like to be as ath­letic as Faith, but I’m far too lazy to do what she does. So in­stead I go to the gym twice a week and pre­tend I’m ath­letic.”

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