Bring­ing the game to Vita as orig­i­nally planned has proven par­tic­u­larly trou­ble­some. It's taken so long that Happ has been ac­cused of lazi­ness and los­ing in­ter­est in the process, but with the por­ta­ble un­able to sup­port the game’s en­gine, there was lit­tle he could do un­til re­cently. Sick­head Games’ Tom Spil­man has since brought the MonoGame frame­work to Vita, though it took al­most a year to hap­pen. “It’s such a dif­fi­cult thing to de­scribe,” Happ ex­plains. “It’s al­most like they had to write a Mi­crosoft Word doc­u­ment, but first they had to pro­gram Mi­crosoft Word on Vita in or­der to make the doc­u­ment they needed. They had to make this whole other ap­pli­ca­tion that in it­self is a big­ger task than just mak­ing a game.”

Adel­man has been more heav­ily in­volved with the Wii U ver­sion. In­deed, while he was still at Nin­tendo he’d been try­ing to en­cour­age hard­ware sup­port for MonoGame. “I was try­ing to get some­thing go­ing, but we were never re­ally able to get enough in­ter­nal buy-in to fund a port of the en­gine,” he says. Once he and Happ had teamed up, he ap­proached Nin­tendo again – this time more suc­cess­fully. “From the very be­gin­ning Tom re­ally wanted to do it on Wii U, I wanted to do it on Wii U, and Nin­tendo wanted it on Wii U. So it was not a ques­tion of if we should do it, it was when and how.” The two sought a stu­dio with the skillset to con­vert the game from MonoGame to C++, and even­tu­ally found a will­ing part­ner in Bl­itworks, thus en­sur­ing that Wii U is the only for­mat where Ax­iom

Verge isn't run­ning in its na­tive en­gine.

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