Dark Souls III PC

Get­ting our grasp­ing paws on a game far ahead of re­lease is of­ten a curse, as well as a priv­i­lege. Our weeks-early romp through a 60fps Lothric went sour when, in one late-game area, the fram­er­ate plunged to the low dou­ble dig­its, and ar­mour be­gan to float in the air a few feet be­hind its wearer. A driver up­date sorted the lat­ter is­sue, and FromSoft­ware soon patched the for­mer, but for a while there the tough­est game of the year risked be­com­ing an im­pos­si­ble task.

Dark Souls III PS4

While the sup­posed nerfs to sor­cery and mir­a­cles are be­ing a lit­tle over­stated – staffs and chimes have poise-boost­ing weapon skills for a rea­son, kids – pure cast­ing builds cer­tainly strug­gle with Dark Souls III’s ag­gres­sive en­e­mies. Praise the sun, then, for py­ro­mancy, which is as com­ple­men­tary to a tra­di­tional sword-and-board build as it was in Dark Souls. And some of the late-game spells are sim­ply, thrillingly dev­as­tat­ing.

Dark Souls III Xbox One

Every­thing was go­ing to plan in our Xbox One playthrough un­til we reached far into Cathe­dral Of The Deep, at which point the fram­er­ate be­gan to strug­gle to keep up with its PS4 cousin. Our jolly co-op­ping has been prone to some tele­porty play, too, although that may be an is­sue re­lat­ing to gen­eral server load. On the plus side, our pass­word-match­ing ses­sions have held up well, de­liv­er­ing the most en­ter­tain­ingly ac­ces­si­ble mul­ti­player in Souls his­tory.

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